Small object of desire #2 – Ego Ramp

Ego ramp n. a proscenium, catwalk, runway, or stage spur which extends into or over an audience. 

Well, what’s a rockstar if he can’t give us that hip switching swagger and lip curling attitude that we crave to see in people we consider to be demi-gods? Snarling guitars and primal screams aside, nothing says “I’m a rock god, watch me romp!” than the ego ramp. And it seems that it’s only the truly global superstars that get to strut down this catwalk, over the heads of their adoring subjects. Think Bono from U2. The term is little known outside of the crews that tour with bands but it should be more widely used because it is so wonderfully descriptive of its function. 

For my money, AC/DC are the kings of blues inflected rock who give their fans exactly what they want. 

And in close up….

I realise it’s not such a small object but let’s not split hairs. 


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