Small object of desire #6 – Inspiration – This has to be one of the most innovative websites on the internet.

I like the lateral approach it takes to disseminating information and the interactivity. 

I like the pretty, serious, nostalgic, contemporary, funny, thought-provoking still and moving images. 

I like the surprising snippets of music covering everything from classical to hip hop to ragtime to rock to ethereal to whacky – “I brush my molars for two whole minutes because they are mine.”

I like the way that you can change the sliders on the moodstream board to suit the way that you’re feeling at a given time. For me, this can go from lively to nostalgic in the space of 5 minutes. 

I like the way it feels as if all human life is here. It’s plainly not but it gives a damned good impression of it.

I come here when I’m sick of writing about how to start a portable loo business or shopping channels in my other writing persona of copywriter. 


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