Small Object of desire #24 – Goat Racing

Small Object of desire #24 – Goat Racing

You read that right. It’s the annual Oxford vs Cambridge Goat Race today!


A race taking place on the same day as that other similar sounding one on the Thames, the one where a bunch of muscly young men from two of our most august educational institutions go head to head in boats.

This one sounds so much more entertaining. It’s the kind of thing I didn’t know was an object of desire until I heard about it on the radio today. Put a smile on my face when I was feeling more than a bit gloomed. I defy you not to smile too. 


But it isn’t just cocking a snook at the jocks on the river. 3 years in the making, it was started to help raise money for Spitalfields City Farm. When I was growing up in Accra, it was quite normal to have goats in our city back yard. I hated them. They smelt to high hell, passed hard black pellets everywhere and that infernal bleating just drove me mad. So it’s good to see them being put to good use for a good cause. 

And just in case you haven’t quite had your fill of caprine fun in Spitalfields, HERE’S I GOAT!!!



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