Small Object of desire #27 – Mother’s Wisdom

My mum says “you can’t be sensual if you don’t enjoy food.”

I’ve got the kind of rounded figure that shows that I’m never going to be the kind of woman who thinks life isn’t too short to scarf down a healthy slice of chocolate cake. You’ll never catch me pushing around a piece of lettuce on my plate. 

I blame my chef. He is classically trained ie. in the French style. This means a lot of butter, cream, wine, all those lovely but very, very sinful things go into his cooking. I’ve put on a stone and a half since I met him which isn’t ideal but life is too short not to eat ice cream. And I love the sight, smell and taste of food in the same way that I love other pleasures of the flesh. 

Back to what me mum says. Ergo, Victoria Beckham can’t be very sensual, what with all that paranoia about any surplus flesh. She’s got 3 kids with another on the way but maybe she just lies back and thinks of England? While I lie back and think of chocolate and hope I don’t get too many crumbs in bed. 

Anyhow, my friend Naomi Woddis insisted I link this video of Nigella Lawson flirting with her food. I think Naomi has drawn the obvious link sex has with food.

Thanks Mum!