Small Object of Desire #28 – Propaganda

What is a revolution without propaganda art? Viva la revolution indeed!

NB: I use the irksome word ‘propaganda’ in its purest sense ie. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organisation or movement.

Check out these eye-catching posters depicting the Arab Spring. 

1. Z.B.A the zombie by Omar Nejai

2. Power To The People by Omar Nejai

3. Untitled by Michael Thompson (Freestylee)

4. The Revolution Has Began by Michael Thompson (Freestylee)

5. Day of Rage by Michael Thompson (Freestylee)

6. Cairo 2011 by Malachi Cameron 

7. Get Up, Stand Up by Michael Thompson (Freestyle)

8. The King Is Dead by Sharif Elshinnawi

9. Egypt Uprising by Mshamma

10. Gaddafi Enough! by Mshamma


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