Small Object of Desire #38 – A Christmas song

I’m having a bit of a low-key Christmas this time round and even now, on Christmas Eve, I can’t say that I’ve got into the Christmas spirit. “The Christmas spirit” – what the hell does that mean? One can only hope that there’s more than a wee dram of the whisky type spirit involved. I could plunge into a barrel full of that, for sure. A single malt is a fine thing. Lagavulin, anyone?

One thing that’s been helping me feel a bit more festive is this song. Didn’t know a thing about it until a couple of days ago. I do like a Christmas song and I’m not averse to the odd carol or two either. What I like about this particular song: it’s raucous, it isn’t trying too hard and that bloke smashing his way through the party right at the end of the video is a bit fantastic. Oh, and it’s for a good cause too. It sounded so British but it’s actually by Bob Dylan. Go figure!

Have a happy, happy Christmas everyone!


Small Object of Desire #37 – Trespass Magazine

Last night, I performed poetry at the relaunch of Trespass Magazine or New Trespass Magazine as it is known these days. It’s now mostly online and you can subscribe to it for only £14 a year. Can’t beat that price!

Love, love the magazine. Not least because I’m guest editor for its Africa issue which comes out next year. Here’s the cover of the latest issue which is full of eyebrow raising articles, eye drenching poetry, an eye-catching photo story and other takes on the theme of sex and violence. If you’re faint-hearted or like to sit on the fence…pass go, do not collect £200. Nothing to see here. 

Some shots from the photo story:

A roll call of past covers:

And me, modelling with the fantastic poet and all round poetry ambassador Jacob Sam-La Rose in a re-imagining of The Rake’s Progress in the ‘What is Black’ issue 3 years ago:


Small Object of Desire #36 – Murmuration

Communing with nature.

I’m told it’s a good thing. Having just got back from spending a few precious days with good friends in deepest, wildest countryside, I can attest to its healing powers. I feel rested, rejuvenated, ready for action in the Big Smoke and looking forward to taking on the new year. 

It takes a lot to fill me with awe these days. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing new under the sun. Intellectually I know that’s not true – there are of course so many new things to see, so many novel experiences to be had. It’s getting to them that’s the bind. Ah well. 

Somewhere in the wilds Scotland though, there’s something that happens at dusk to make the heart leap. Starlings giving it the large one. Amazing.

I can’t take you there but I can bring them to you in the form of this little video. Enjoy.