Small Object of Desire #36 – Murmuration

Communing with nature.

I’m told it’s a good thing. Having just got back from spending a few precious days with good friends in deepest, wildest countryside, I can attest to its healing powers. I feel rested, rejuvenated, ready for action in the Big Smoke and looking forward to taking on the new year. 

It takes a lot to fill me with awe these days. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing new under the sun. Intellectually I know that’s not true – there are of course so many new things to see, so many novel experiences to be had. It’s getting to them that’s the bind. Ah well. 

Somewhere in the wilds Scotland though, there’s something that happens at dusk to make the heart leap. Starlings giving it the large one. Amazing.

I can’t take you there but I can bring them to you in the form of this little video. Enjoy. 


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