Small Object of Desire #37 – Trespass Magazine

Last night, I performed poetry at the relaunch of Trespass Magazine or New Trespass Magazine as it is known these days. It’s now mostly online and you can subscribe to it for only £14 a year. Can’t beat that price!

Love, love the magazine. Not least because I’m guest editor for its Africa issue which comes out next year. Here’s the cover of the latest issue which is full of eyebrow raising articles, eye drenching poetry, an eye-catching photo story and other takes on the theme of sex and violence. If you’re faint-hearted or like to sit on the fence…pass go, do not collect £200. Nothing to see here. 

Some shots from the photo story:

A roll call of past covers:

And me, modelling with the fantastic poet and all round poetry ambassador Jacob Sam-La Rose in a re-imagining of The Rake’s Progress in the ‘What is Black’ issue 3 years ago:



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