Small Object of Desire #38 – A Christmas song

I’m having a bit of a low-key Christmas this time round and even now, on Christmas Eve, I can’t say that I’ve got into the Christmas spirit. “The Christmas spirit” – what the hell does that mean? One can only hope that there’s more than a wee dram of the whisky type spirit involved. I could plunge into a barrel full of that, for sure. A single malt is a fine thing. Lagavulin, anyone?

One thing that’s been helping me feel a bit more festive is this song. Didn’t know a thing about it until a couple of days ago. I do like a Christmas song and I’m not averse to the odd carol or two either. What I like about this particular song: it’s raucous, it isn’t trying too hard and that bloke smashing his way through the party right at the end of the video is a bit fantastic. Oh, and it’s for a good cause too. It sounded so British but it’s actually by Bob Dylan. Go figure!

Have a happy, happy Christmas everyone!


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