Small Object of Desire #39 – Sizzle!

Neil Diamond and Shirley Bassey singing Play Me, circa 1974. In a quite unintentionally funny way. 

If they were playing the part of a so-engrossed-in-each-other-the-world-can-go-hang couple just for the cameras then what a pair of fine performers they were.

The way Shirley is looking at Neil…as if she can’t wait to lick him from head to toe as soon as is (in)decently possible. And that kiss at the end! I’m convinced if I were to look up the meaning of ‘get a room’ online right now, there would be a definition somewhere with their names attached to it. Their performance is what the word ‘torrid’ was coined for. 

I never knew Neil Diamond was so handsome back in the day. And is he really wearing red leather pants?


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