Small Object of Desire #42 – Nomenclature (1)

Not sure how this new preoccupation rose to the surface. 

I have been taken over lately by the urge to document the words and typographical quirks organisations, shops and businesses use to ident themselves. It coincides with a decision to take my camera everywhere I go. 

I suppose it’s not hard to guess at this subconscious (sometimes not so) curiosity about how words come to be in the first place and how they are used to try to make a concept stand out from the crowd. I’m a writer after all and I swear, in another life I would have been some kind of etymologist or at the very least, a lexicographer. 

This lot of grab shots was taken on the Clerkenwell Road walking towards Old Street. Very design heavy round these parts. I’m not drawing any far-reaching conclusions from them right now, only going with the knee-jerk questions that occurred to me when I came upon them. 

1. BULO – They are Belgian. They make office furniture and furnishings for the home too. What’s your “office” space like? Until last week, mine was sitting up in a tiny room on a single bed. It was hard to love it when the posture I had to maintain put a crick in my back but I made the best of what I had. Now, thankfully, it’s carte blanche to come and go as I please in a friend’s swanky creative hub in oh-so-cool Hoxton. My focus and creativity have increased by bounds. I’m loving this new office. 

2. Fondle + Squeeze – “Architectural Resource”. Not the kind of rounded, soft, velvety things you think of when you think of fondling and squeezing. Yeah, the juxtaposition of unlikely notions caught my eye. Must check out the gallery sometime to see what good it makes of its name. My feeling is that they definitely want to trip you up but in a good way. Maybe the clue is in that word “Materials”. 
3. Monsoon Fusion – When did Monsoon, purveyor of ladies garments that whiff ever so slightly of mumsiness, become Monsoon Fusion? Ever since it realised that its garments whiffed ever so slightly of mumsiness, one might surmise. The tension created by the words monsoon and fusion rubbing together doesn’t sit well with me. Monsoon suggests chaos or sultriness. Fusion just makes me think of metals melding together or something else suitably scientific. I suspect this new name was dreamt up by a think tank consultant who’d been itching to inflict it on some client foolish enough to go with it. Nice moola for 5 minutes work if you can get it. Monsoon Fusion, Monsoon Fusion, Monsoon Fusion. It just doesn’t scan. Worse, it reeks of trying too hard to be “forward thinking” and “directional.” Fail!
4. Tag: – Don’t forget the colon! No surprise to hear this one immediately made me think of graffiti. Followed by an overwhelming urge to find out what happens in the building. I crossed the street and discovered that below street level, there were people sitting at banks and banks of computers. I wanted to take a photo of them but the well brought up young lady in me refrained as it would have seemed like I was gawping at the animals in the zoo to them. Turns out it’s a design and production company with offices in major cities all over the world. Who knew?

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