Small Object of Desire #46 – The Smoke

Otherwise known as London. My heart. The best city in the world. And this piece of aerial footage shows it as vast, enigmatic, smoky.

It hasn’t got its legs up in the air like Manhattan. Or coming on like the gaudy crystal glass that is Paris. It isn’t the bamboozle of road networks and elephants on street corners that is Bangkok. It’s sprawling, encroaching on everything that happens on its path. It could eat you alive. 

Talking of sprawl, I sometimes think of London, affectionately, as an old trollop with her legs spread, make-up caking into the wrinkles wrought by a seen-it-all jadedness. But she’s a minx too – pert, insouciant, saucy. And a prima donna and a doyenne. Even an ingenue in some cases. Pretty much anything you want her to be but she’ll toy with you then spit out the bones in the morning.

It’s the city of my birth and the one place that owns my heart. I feel like an operator here. It’s a not so small object of desire. The mother of all big smokes. 

This footage is filmed at such a height that you can see where London curves off into the horizon. I like that. Makes if feel like the city could go on forever. One day, maybe it will.