Small Object of Desire #47 – London Bombing

Or more precisely, a Rain of Poems. So beautiful I had to put it up on this blog too.

I was in that crowd, running, jumping and lunging for bookmarked shaped poems. They came fluttering out of the innards of the helicopter like a swarm of silver swallow tails or a shoal of sardines.  

It felt something like a religious experience, en masse, without the holy book bashing. Poems in all kinds of languages being exchanged like currency, poems being gifted to those who weren’t determined/uninhibited/athletic enough to catch one.

The best thing is seeing people actually taking the time to read the poems themselves. I feared that this wouldn’t happen. 

Thank you Casagrande and Southbank Centre’s Poetry Parnassus for making this happen.

Now if only people would react to like this to poetry all the time.