Small Object of Desire #54 – Mod Style

Back in the 90s, I worked for the record label Acid Jazz based in Soho’s Greek Street. It’s safe to say that the label, if its roster of artists and pre-occupations were anything to go by, was very influenced by the Mod aesthetic and lifestyle. It certainly felt a bit like the place Mods went to grow up and fed my addiction to vinyl – I spent a good portion of my weekly wages in the second-hand record shops in Soho. 

And it wasn’t just the artists. The people who worked there, particularly the men, tended to have variations on Bradley Wiggins’ feather haircut and I recall many a conversation with work mates about the significance of Farah trousers and Ben Sherman shirts, Lambretta scooters and jazz music. And suits. Particularly Italian suits. 

While I worked there, I never got to see head honcho Eddie Piller wear a suit. Back then he was all denim on denim, Addidas trainers and a long ponytail. This little vignette makes up for that. It’s fronted by the man himself looking his dapper best in a lean suit (“Always, sometimes, never”), directed by my good friend and super storyteller, James Maycock and produced by Manifesto NYC

The great thing about this little film is it works like a tiny pocket guide to what made Mod and Soho such good bedfellows. And I have to say Eddie takes to the role of presenter like the proverbial duck to water. 


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