Small Object of Desire #60 – Soul Train (Get Lucky)

I have to hold my hands up – I was a bit slow on the uptake with Daft Punk’s latest, the fresh slab of discotastic funk (hello, have we time travelled back to 1978?) that is Get Lucky. I love the fact that they’ve taken pop music back to the drawing board, decluttered it and ditched the all pervasive auto-tune. 

When I did eventually get wise to it, albeit without knowing who exactly was involved in the making of it, I got the nagging feeling that the signature on the guitar riff seemed rather familiar. To me, it was reminiscent of Chic and Sister Sledge so I put on my Google detective hat to investigate and of course, it led me to directly to Nile Rodgers. Who else?

The latest is that Get Lucky has become the most streamed song within 24 hours of its release in Spotify’s 5 year history. Obviously, spoofs and tributes on YouTube will abound but this one here, where a fan has spliced it with a clip of a Soul Train Line is my favourite. It’s hilarious and just about convinced me to go out and get some hot pants, tout de suite! My flatmate reckons I could get lucky!


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