Small Object of Desire #61 – Cover Version (2)

I listen to the radio a lot and one of my favourite shows is Robert Elms’ on BBC London. Not only do I get to discover a lot of random stuff about this glorious city of ours but he also, generally, has superb taste in music. Lately, he has had the track featured in the video below, a cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole on heavy rotation. I love the stripped down production of just reggae influenced ukulele and his beautiful voice soaring over the space created by the musical notes. 

He may be little known on this side of the pond but check out the statistics for “Bruddah Iz’s” contribution to popular music. This song has been consistently in the iTunes top 100 songs since it’s debut in 2004. It has been featured in several Hollywood movies. When it first came out it raced up the charts, ahead of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. Sadly, Iz didn’t live to see the digital success of his song. At the time of his death in 1997, he was on 38 years old and weighed a 1000 pounds. 


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