Small Object of Desire #65 – Vinyl ( x2 )

Namely “Submerged Vinyl” from artist Evan Holm. The artist’s explanation whiffs of self-consciousness which makes it a tad precious and slightly pretentious – “When I perform with this sculpture, I am honoring and celebrating all the musicians, all the artists that have helped to build our human culture.” Come on!

But don’t let that put you off.

It is curiously affecting and visually arresting.

And then we have “Animated Picture Discs” from artist collective Sculpture. Who could seriously do with a more arresting name. They aren’t reinventing the wheel but it got me a compelled.

Elk Cloner from Sculpture on Vimeo.


Small Object of Desire #64 – Cameo

It’s necessary that the video below comes with a caveat – watch it at your peril. You cannot unsee it once you have seen it.
Then again, if you’re anything like me, it’s the most eye-wateringly hilarious thing you’ve seen in the longest time, perhaps all year. I’ve watched it over and over again. It’s my latest pick-me-up tonic.
It features a very early Cameo. Yes that Cameo ie. Larry Blackmon of the red codpiece et al. But this is Cameo from a time when the red cod piece was only a crimson glint of devilry in Larry’s eyes. He’s playing the drums (who knew?) and shares lead vocals with the jheri curled, Rick James wannabe in lilac.
My eyes, my eyes! The red spandex playsuits slashed to the navel! The rampant homoeroticism! The pouting lead singer with the falsetto that just won’t quit! And my god, I do believe those twitching tushes are actually demonstrating an early form of twerking! But the song rocks some dirty funk!
It’s impossible to write about this without a surfeit of exclamation marks.
Move over Miley Cyrus, you’ve been rumbled. And left for dust. Shake, shake, SHAKE YOUR PANTS!!!