Small Object of Desire #69 – 3D Tattoos

For many years I wanted a tattoo but could never decide what I was willing to live with on my skin for the rest of my life. Now I’m glad I don’t have one because so many people think they are doing different by getting a tattoo when in fact there is such a proliferation of inked bodies that these days, it seems far more rebellious NOT to have a tattoo. Human beings have decorated and adorned their bodies one way or the other since time immemorial so tattoos aren’t going away any time soon. They’ve come a long way since anchors and swallows though. Even if like me, you’re never going to get a tattoo, you have to agree that these 3D ones are eye-popping to say the least.

You’ve got to wonder about the logic of some of them though. What would impel you to tattoo two eyes below your own? Or become a sort of walking billboard for a brand of famous shoes? And as for the breasts as baby. All I can say is why?

3d-tattoos-0343D-Tattoo-83d-tattoos-zip-back3D-Tattoo-6bizarre-tattoo-3d3d-tattoos-snake3d-tattoos-Eyes3D-Tattoo-113D-Tattoo-23original-tattoos-00233D-Tattoo-13d-tattoo-0013D-Tattoo-173D-Tattoo-9-1a98927_Best Tattoo Artists 3D-Tattoo-7 b9ef027d7b984197c0ec1b3fdb66a0e9 3d-tattoo 3d-tattoo-illusion-232 3D-Tattoo-12 3D-Tattoo-4 creepy-3d-foot-tattoo 934177_C_-_Back_eyes_jpgbe723d17302fa5a64e48c76bea71231e 3d-tattoos-033 3d-Tattoos-008 3D-Tattoo-6 a98927_Colourful-3D-Rose-Tattoo a98927_Awesome-photo-realistic-tattoos1 a98927_06a1fc9b7de4a63b3a73d11ab1e4b7c8


Small Object of Desire #68 – Bootleg Movie Posters from Ghana

I might be biased because well, my heritage is Ghanaian but these bootleg movie posters from Ghana are too funny. And sometimes they are an improvement on the original. They tell a story in and of themselves. When expensive posters cannot be imported from Hollywood, local artists have a go. This is apparently a worldwide phenomenon. To explore a substantial collection of bootleg movie posters from Ghana, head on over to

Looking at the posters, I’d say that the films aren’t being shown in a cinema theatre as you might know it. This first one, for example, says it’s taking place at Name Video, Nungua. I used to live near Nungua which is a small district heading out of Accra, along the coast, towards Tema. It won’t have a cinema as such. The word ‘video’ is key here. I imagine the films are being shown on a large TV screen in a largish kind of room. I could be wrong but I don’t think things have changed that much since I was last in Ghana. By the looks of things Ghanaians have a penchant for shoot-em-up and horror movies.

Doesn’t Tom Cruise look so much more bearable as a Ghanaian movie poster boy?

Evil Dead

Gladiator Dog Soldiers Bram Strokers Dracula Hellboy Sleepy Hollow Mission IMpossible The Mummy Platoon Van Helsing The Matrix Species 3

Small Object of Desire #67 – Extra Large Slack Snack Sack


Words are threatening to fail me.

No, really. This kind of thing used to be REAL. Imagine calling your strides slacks. Is it redundant to ask what’s in the “patented action zone”? And what exactly is Dacron? Ah, a synthetic polyester fibre that is strong and resistant. It just keeps getting better!

I could say a lot more about hair trigger action zones, Dacron armour and how I hope the blonde knew what she was letting herself in for. All I’ll say is that poodle sure is looking impressed. Or something.

Small Object of Desire #66 – Statistics


Or America Kills.

This piece of public art was created by the Chilean born, New York based artist Sebastian Errazuriz. Makes you think, huh? Hardly needs any more words but if you want to know more about the work or the artist himself, head over here:

His piece 12 Shoes For 12 Lovers is worth a gander too.