Small Object of Desire #69 – 3D Tattoos

For many years I wanted a tattoo but could never decide what I was willing to live with on my skin for the rest of my life. Now I’m glad I don’t have one because so many people think they are doing different by getting a tattoo when in fact there is such a proliferation of inked bodies that these days, it seems far more rebellious NOT to have a tattoo. Human beings have decorated and adorned their bodies one way or the other since time immemorial so tattoos aren’t going away any time soon. They’ve come a long way since anchors and swallows though. Even if like me, you’re never going to get a tattoo, you have to agree that these 3D ones are eye-popping to say the least.

You’ve got to wonder about the logic of some of them though. What would impel you to tattoo two eyes below your own? Or become a sort of walking billboard for a brand of famous shoes? And as for the breasts as baby. All I can say is why?

3d-tattoos-0343D-Tattoo-83d-tattoos-zip-back3D-Tattoo-6bizarre-tattoo-3d3d-tattoos-snake3d-tattoos-Eyes3D-Tattoo-113D-Tattoo-23original-tattoos-00233D-Tattoo-13d-tattoo-0013D-Tattoo-173D-Tattoo-9-1a98927_Best Tattoo Artists 3D-Tattoo-7 b9ef027d7b984197c0ec1b3fdb66a0e9 3d-tattoo 3d-tattoo-illusion-232 3D-Tattoo-12 3D-Tattoo-4 creepy-3d-foot-tattoo 934177_C_-_Back_eyes_jpgbe723d17302fa5a64e48c76bea71231e 3d-tattoos-033 3d-Tattoos-008 3D-Tattoo-6 a98927_Colourful-3D-Rose-Tattoo a98927_Awesome-photo-realistic-tattoos1 a98927_06a1fc9b7de4a63b3a73d11ab1e4b7c8


Small Object of Desire #67 – Extra Large Slack Snack Sack


Words are threatening to fail me.

No, really. This kind of thing¬†used to be REAL. Imagine calling your strides slacks. Is it redundant to ask what’s in the “patented action zone”? And what exactly is Dacron? Ah, a synthetic polyester fibre that is strong and resistant. It just keeps getting better!

I could say a lot more about hair trigger action zones, Dacron armour and how I hope the blonde¬†knew what she was letting herself in for. All I’ll say is that poodle sure is looking impressed. Or something.