Small Object of Desire #68 – Bootleg Movie Posters from Ghana

I might be biased because well, my heritage is Ghanaian but these bootleg movie posters from Ghana are too funny. And sometimes they are an improvement on the original. They tell a story in and of themselves. When expensive posters cannot be imported from Hollywood, local artists have a go. This is apparently a worldwide phenomenon. To explore a substantial collection of bootleg movie posters from Ghana, head on over to

Looking at the posters, I’d say that the films aren’t being shown in a cinema theatre as you might know it. This first one, for example, says it’s taking place at Name Video, Nungua. I used to live near Nungua which is a small district heading out of Accra, along the coast, towards Tema. It won’t have a cinema as such. The word ‘video’ is key here. I imagine the films are being shown on a large TV screen in a largish kind of room. I could be wrong but I don’t think things have changed that much since I was last in Ghana. By the looks of things Ghanaians have a penchant for shoot-em-up and horror movies.

Doesn’t Tom Cruise look so much more bearable as a Ghanaian movie poster boy?

Evil Dead

Gladiator Dog Soldiers Bram Strokers Dracula Hellboy Sleepy Hollow Mission IMpossible The Mummy Platoon Van Helsing The Matrix Species 3