Small Objects of Desire #90 – Tandem Juggling

They are called New Conformity and they are a group of jugglers who are also a part of Cause & Effect Circus. This piece is called It’s Business Time and I just love that they play against the stereotypical juggling act. I’m betting these guys are dancers/acrobats. They are certainly storytellers. They make all that intricacy look so easy!


Small Object of Desire #89 – Emotion

This song, Feeling Uneasy, is startling because for pretty much all of its 2 minutes and 50 seconds, Etta James manages to let you know exactly why she is feeling uneasy without using any words except for a couple of lords and the title of the song said once right at the end. The rest is the incomparable Etta James emoting via oohs, aahs, yowls, a bit of scat singing. You feel her pain for sure.

Stirring, startling stuff!

Small Objects of Desire #88 – Live Art

I have long admired the way in which artist Joshua Sofaer approaches the participatory aspect of his practice. It is always very considered whatever mood it invokes – philosophical, humorous, inventive, bold, reflective, excavatory. Or cheekily clever, as in this nugget of a film below where he explains the term ‘Live Art’ on London’s Oxford Street. It’s clear to see that people on the street are engaging with him. But why? You’ll need to watch until the end of the film to find out.